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»   Hey Grace Connection, Hannah Grace Homes needs hangers for our young ladies. Any hangers you could bring to church… {view link}

»   Jesus is our near Kinsman by His assumption of our nature. He is the nearest and dearest Friend of our race, who st… {view link}

»   The Celtics win big! The Red Sox beat the hapless Rays and begin to run away in the AL east. It was a good night.

»   It really boils down to this: Shall I listen to God’s Word about myself or to my body’s word about myself? Victory… {view link}

»   Identification with others is more than bearing one another’s burdens; it is stepping into the other person’s shoes… {view link}

»   RT @misssteppy: If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.

»   Grace Connection Church streaming live at {view link}

»   {view link}

»   Hey Everyone,

This is our new Hannah Grace Homes Facebook page! Hannah Grace Homes is a state licensed Group... {view link}

»   {view link}

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