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»   November 19 2017, the intolerance of Jesus Christ, the end of all racism {view link}

»   This is a quote from tomorrow’s message;

Jesus was a revolutionary teacher. His ideas shocked and frightened the... {view link}

»   We trust him, and sin dies; we love him, and grace lives; we wait for him and grace is strengthened; we see him as.… {view link}

»   We worship a scarred God. But may I never forget, Lord, that the scars were inflicted because You loved me enough... {view link}

»   One of my chief sins is to make God so majestic and infinite that He cannot be prosaic. I have romanticized His... {view link}

»   Tim the trapper is alive and well, and in business…

»   God delights to increase the faith of his children. We ought, instead of wanting no trials before victory, no... {view link}

»   Tozer’s quote from this mornings message, ‘Salad Bar Faith’

“The church has surrendered her once lofty concept... {view link}

»   FORTITUDE That strength or firmness of mind or soul which enables a person to encounter danger with coolness and... {view link}

»   ...From the moment of the new and celestial birth the man begins to live to Christ. Jesus is to believers the one... {view link}

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