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»   “Meekness is ‘I accept God’s dealings with me without bitterness.’” Meekness says God is always right, I must... {view link}

»   'Humility and love are precisely the graces which the men of the world can understand, if they do not comprehend doctrines.' (JC Ryle)

»   I posted this on June 11;

To all my Facebook friends and family, I covet your prayers. Please let stand against... {view link}

»   We can change the world without only when we change the world within (Oswald Chambers).

"The next wave of... {view link}

»   It is in the life and the work of the Christian worker that the effect of this position in Christ is most... {view link}

»   Happy Fathers Day! {view link}

»   I am always a little confused when people judge judgmental religious people, what are they? Judgmental... {view link}

»   Our world system defines human worth mainly in terms of production, beauty, power, and wealth. Thus, we feel... {view link}

»   Many people like their religion in a nice neat formula-something something they can do without much effort or... {view link}

»   ...throughout the whole world, you will discover that there is no winning without warfare; there is no... {view link}

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