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»   Just posted a photo @ Grace Connection Church {view link}

»   The whole outlook of mankind might be changed if we could all believe that we dwell under a friendly sky and that t… {view link}

»   A Quote from Sundays Message ‘Prayer Warfare’—

There is no battle anywhere in the spiritual sense until the Christ… {view link}

»   Wherever you are at this moment, He is there. In His majestic fullness. In His radiant splendor. You could not be i… {view link}

»   Bruins lose! Celtics lose! But the Red Sox keep the winning streak going...

»   Posted by our Hannah Grace 8 years ago today.... {view link}

»   I saw this on Facebook memories this morning, I wanted to share it with you all. It really blessed my wife and I. {view link}

»   An excerpt from Sundays Message, ‘The Deception Box’

‘Satan will resort to countless ways to keep us from fruit–be… {view link}

»   Hello Friends!

I thought it would be prudent that I address some of the ‘Fake News’ that is being spread around… {view link}

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